How to Sell on Hellobooks

The trade on hellobooks.co.za is strictly between buyers and sellers. Hellobooks is the only way to clear out your library. If you have a book(s) or audio books to get rid of, you might want to bypass the middleman and sell directly to other book lovers. Academic textbooks and school textbooks are sought after and popular. Hellobooks only charges a success fee of 20% in total, that includes credit card payment facilities, admin and banking related charges for providing the selling [...]


How to Buy on Hellobooks

If your desire is to shop and buy book(s) on hellobooks.co.za, we will not charge you. There are no hidden charges, although you should take note of the shipping charges stated when checking out your cart items. Shipping charges not relating to The Courier Guys services, will be at the discretion of the seller. The trade on hellobooks.co.za is strictly between sellers and buyers. To make a purchase on hellobooks.co.za you don’t need to be a registered user but we do suggest [...]