Outnumbered Outgunned Undeterred – Rob Johnson

Outnumbered Outgunned Undeterred – Rob Johnson

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Twenty Battles Against All Odds

This book tells the remarkable true stories of 20 battles or campaigns in which a force overcame the odds to challenge, or triumph over, a stronger opposition

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“Outnumbered, Outgunned, Undeterred” presents historical examples from 1777 to the present day, analysing the tactics and courage that swung events in favour of the underdog. Each chapter is accompanied by a large illustration or photograph of the conflict in question, as well as a specially commissioned battle plan in two colours. Rob Johnson, a noted expert in the history of war, analyses each of the examples and shows, through vivid narratives and specially commissioned battle plans, how they provided inspiration both at the time and since proof that whatever the odds, fortune favours the brave.
Table of Contents
1 George Washington and the Patriots at Yorktown, 1781. 2 The US Marines at Tripoli, North Africa, 1805. 3 Napoleons Defence of France, 1814. 4 Simon Bolivar and the Liberation of South America, 180829. 5 The Greek War of Independence, 182129. 6 The British Army at Delhi Ridge, India, 1857. 7 Burnsides Bridge at Antietam, America, 1862. 8 The Foreign Legion at the Battle of Camerone, Mexico, 1863. 9 Lord Roberts and the March from Kabul to Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1879. 10 Christiaan de Wet and Boer Commando Resistance in South Africa, 190002. 11 The Devons at Bois des Buttes, France, 1918. 12 The Polish Army in the Battle of Warsaw, 1920. 13 The Defence of Finland during the Winter War, 1940. 14 Allied troops on the Bataan Peninsula, Philippines, 194142. 15 The Struggle for Stalingrad, 1943. 16 The Allied Defence of Kohima, India, 1944. 17 The Retreat of UN forces from the Chosin Reservoir, Korea, 1950. 18 The Israeli Defence of the Golan Heights, 1973. 19 The US Army at the Battle of Debecka, Iraq, 2003. 20 The US and UK Armies at the Battles around the Platoon Houses and Patrol Bases in Afghanistan, 2006/08


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